2022 North Carolina Legislative Candidates

2022 US-North Carolina Legislative & Currituck County Republican Candidates


The 3-2-1 Election Principle

The NC Republican Party has an opportunity in the upcoming November 8, 2022 elections to solidify a veto-proof Republican-controlled Senate and House. We need just three additional Republican State Senators and two Republican State House Representatives in order to accomplish this statewide. We need just one Republican Supreme Court Justice elected to flip the State's current composition back to Republican.

2022 NC State Senate Race

There are 10 NC State Senate seats open for the upcoming November 8, 2022 elections. Republican Bobby Hanig is our District 3 State Senator candidate, who recently took over for incumbent Republican Bob Steinburg representing the former District 1 that included Currituck County. Bob Steinburg resigned as of July 31, 2022 to pursue other interests. Newly incumbent candidate Bobby Hanig is running for election for the redrawn District 3 2022 State Senate race that now includes Currituck, Camden, Tyrell, Gates, Hertford, Bertie, Martin, Halifax, Northampton and Warren Counties.

2022 NC House of Representatives Race

The North Carolina House of Representatives has a total of 120 seats with all 120 open for the upcoming November 8, 2022 elections.. There are currently 69 Republican and 51 Democratic Representatives in the NC House as of July 15, 2022. Republican House candidate Greg Murphy is running to represent Currituck County within the newly redrawn NC District 1 seat.

The following candidates are up for election or re-election for the upcoming
November 8, 2022 North Carolina Mid-Term Elections

2022 United States Senate & House Race Candidates

2022 United States Senate Race
2022 NC US Senate Candidate Ted Budd
Ted Budd

2022 United States House Race
2022 NC US House Candidate Greg Murphy
Greg Murphy

2022 North Carolina Senate & House Race Candidates

2022 North Carolina District 3 Senate Race
2022 District 3 NC State Senator Candidate Bobby Hanig
Bobby Hanig

2022 North Carolina District 3 House Race
2022 NC District 3 State House Candidate Ed Goodwin
Ed Goodwin

2022 Currituck County, North Carolina Local Candidates

2022 Currituck County
Board of Commissioners District 3

Mike Payment

2022 Currituck County
Board of Commissioners District 5

Owen Etheridge

2022 Currituck County
Board of Commissioners At-Large

Kevin McCord

2022 Currituck County
Clerk of Superior Court

Ray Matusko

2022 Currituck County Sheriff

Matt Beickert