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Currituck County Republican Party Precinct Organization

Your Precinct Chairperson wants to get to know you and talk with you about the Republican Party. Reach out to your Precinct Chairperson and start building a strong Republican precinct today!

As a foundation of building our Party, we are obviously looking for people who want to make a difference in directly communicating the County GOP Party's views and information to their neighbors when discussing politics. Currituck County has a majority GOP electorate. We want to encourage better participation from residents to eliminate confusion about what is really going on with our County and State politics and starts with small steps by generating a network of names.

The Currituck County Republican Party is comprised of eleven (11) precincts. Ideally, each precinct should have a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, and a Secretary. Ultimately, the goal is to appoint one "sub-representative" for every 100 registered Republicans within a precinct. For instance, the Coinjock precinct has no foundation representatives and would need five (5) "sub-representatives" to cover the precincts GOP population. Currently, there area several precincts in the County without any form of convention representation (Open).

What's expected of you for being a representative? Really, not much at all.  Most importantly, it involves attending one precinct convention meeting locally every two years for an upcoming election. What we really hope for is our new precinct representatives will attend our monthly meetings to test the waters on being more involved. If you're curious to know what is really going on with our local politics instead what you hear in the media or your neighbor's perceptions, contact our Chairperson - Rene`Moseley Etheridge at 757-617-4185 or attend one of our monthly meetings for more details about precinct representation.

 See the table below for the Precincts and their respective current officers:

Mailing Address:
The Currituck GOP

PO Box 222
Currituck, NC 27929-0222


Precinct Leadership Township Phone Polling Location
 Carova Beach        
  Open - fill out this form if interested in representing Fruitville N/A Carova Beach Fire Station
2169 Ocean Pearl Road
Corolla, NC
   Open - fill out this form if interested in representing Crawford N/A Currituck County Library
4261 Caratoke Hwy
Barco, NC
  Bryan Bass


JP Knapp Early College
2966 Caratoke Highway
Currituck, NC

Mike Hall
Vice Chairman




Susan Nik

 Gibbs Woods        
   Open - fill out this form if interested in representing Moyock N/A Richardson Community Building
332 East Gibbs Road
Knotts Island, NC
 Indian Ridge        
  Jim Wheeler


Shawboro Elementary School
370 Shawboro Road
Shawboro, NC

Harvey Roberts
Vice Chairman




Natallie Twiddy



 Knotts Island        
  Chuck Warren
Fruitville 910-391-0281 Knotts Island Senior Citizen/Ruritan Building
126 Brumley Road
Knotts Island, NC
 Moyock East        

Shon McMaster - Chairman



Moyock Elementary School
255 Shingle Landing Road
Moyock, NC
  Kim Pellini - Vice Chairman Moyock 757-636-4416  
 Moyock West        
  Juanita Krausse - Chairman Moyock 757-652-3266 Moyock Middle School
216 Survey Road
Moyock, NC
  Kim Twine - Vice-Chairman Moyock    
  Bee Temple - Secretary Moyock    
 Poplar Branch        
  Wayne Chesson - Chairman Poplar Branch 252-599-2778 WT Griggs Elementary School
261 Poplar Branch Road
Poplar Branch, NC
  Cindy Kleis - Vice-Chairman Poplar Branch 252-435-3427  
  Emily Castelow - Secretary Poplar Branch    
 Powell's Point        
  Open - fill out this form if interested in representing Poplar Branch N/A Powell's Point Christian Church
197 Church Road
Harbinger, NC
  Open - fill out this form if interested in representing Poplar Branch N/A Corolla Library
1123 Ocean Trail
Corolla, NC


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